Sadou Hayatou: an ex-Cameroon prime minister passes on

Thursday, 1st of august 2019, an important former gouvernment authority died on his hospital bed in switzerland 


Born on the 15 of ferbuary 1945, Sadou Hayatou occupied the post of prime minister in Cameroon on the 26 of april 1991. He was the 4th prime minister in Cameroon and served the country for one year. That is , from 1991 to 1992. His appointment as prime minister coincided with the introduction of multiparty politics in Cameroon. The introduction was characterised by social unrest which ended on november 13, the same year with the tripartite  summit of Yaounde , leading to the signing of a declaration .


The late, and ex-minister was also the elder brother of the former president of the Confederation of African football (CAF) Issa Hayatou .The brave man did not only occupied the post of prime minister in Cameroon but he also participated  in the development of the country in one way or the other . This is because, he occupied other posts like : minister of agriculture, minister of planning and territorial developement, minister of finance, perminent secretary at the presidency of the republic.


Our late minister, through his work in various sectors of the gouverment, participated and contributed to the development and wellbeing of our country, Cameroon.

Joviale Kuete, stagiaire

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